I Smell Autumn

Hello again πŸ™‚

I’m just stopping by to update you guys. I definitely earned my tea today! Both the 3 boxes of Bigelow’s Pumpkin Spice, and the 2 boxes of their Apple Cider.

Judging from the response I got both during the coffee-break and after my class/course/presentation, I did well. Not too long, not too complicated, smiling, and adding a generous coffee-break. That’s what it takes to win the hearts of 230 students.
Wait… Did I say 230? I meant 265, including the 35 students who were watching me on live “television”. I am very grateful that I didn’t know beforehand that they were filming me and broadcasting to students attending from other colleges, because I was quite nervous enough without knowing that tidbit of information.

Today has been crazy busy, and I like that to be honest. Busy days always mane me feel good, like I’m doing something sensible and I1m being of use to somebody or something. Today I taught until noon, had a short lunch, planned a meeting where me and another librarian will be presenting an article to the rest of the staff, and manned the circulation/information desk until 15:30. The desk was busy, so I’ve been helping a lot of students, which is something I love doing, and then I met my mother and youngest sister for dinner before then ran off to see some big handball game that I have no interest in. So all in all, a busy, slightly stressful, but wonderful day!

This time of the year though, I love it! The air is just starting to turn crisp in the morning, which give you the perfect excuse to bring a travel mug of coffee or tea with you, but it’s still not too cold outside. Another thing is the smell. Autumn has this special, fresh and crisp yet sunkissed smell, and people are all wearing such cosy and comfortable clothes, all huge sweaters and scarves. On days like this, when it’s not raining, the sun is shining, and autumn is in the air, it’s impossible not to smile and be happy just because you are alive and well to experience this.
Oh, and the tea. The tea always helps. πŸ˜‰

I actually own this travel mug from Aladdin. It’s pretty awesome if you like your tea to go.

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3 Responses to I Smell Autumn

  1. It’s lovely to come back to your blog, time and again. Congrats on addressing such a huge crowd successfully. I find autumn very hard to deal with. It’s maybe because I’m still not used to the Northern winters and that smell of it in the early mornings scares me, depresses me, the days drawing in as well. But I do see the beauty of it too, albeit in a lost, wistful way. You may enjoy this

    • Dravite says:

      I think the trick is to stop and see the beauty of it. And warm clothes of course.
      If you think of it as a time where you have the perfect excuse to curl up with something warm and jummy to drink and a good book, then winter isn’t so bad. And thermals help πŸ˜‰

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