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Another Wednesday!

My gosh, life has been super busy lately! My parents are building a new house, and to prevent war (too many sisters and too few bedrooms) they have decided that we have to move in before Christmas. I feel like … Continue reading

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Life and all that Jazz…

Soooo… No, I am not dead, though I’ll forgive you for assuming so, as it is the most likely conclusion after my long absence. Posts this summer have been few and scattered to say the least. I have no real … Continue reading

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What is a grandparent? According to the online free dictionary a grandparent is “A parent of one’s mother or father; a grandmother or grandfather.” But is it really that easy? My maternal grandmother died when I was four years old, … Continue reading

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Anybody out there?

I wonder, is anybody reading this? Does anybody really pay attention? I suppose all writers are wondering about the same thing; you get followers, but rarely any likes or comments… Does that mean that no one is reading what I … Continue reading

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Sign of Life and Summer Plans.

Yes, my dear readers, I am in fact still alive although I understand that you might find this hard to believe after such a long absence. I believe my last post was during Easter? I could blame my absence on the exams that … Continue reading

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The consequence of a privileged life.

First of all, I believe the stats here on wordpress.com are trying to trick me. How can I have no visitors on the same day that I receive both comments and likes? I believe one has to at least visit … Continue reading

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Thoughts on an Electronic World.

What would life be without coffee, I ask you. As some of you know, I’m a major coffee addict. Coffee and tea are my drug of choice, and what a delicious addiction it is. I started classes again yesterday, and … Continue reading

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